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Research Outcome: "Paper in print" “The Constitutional Impact of Supreme Court of Pakistan’s Use of United States Jurisprudence”, co-authored with Umar Rashid (2016) in “Special Issue of the Pakistan Journal of American Studies”.


The Sixth Annual Younger Comparativists Committee (YCC) Global Conference was held in Koc University, Istanbu Turkey:

Ms Amna Rashid (Assistant Professor/Director Center for Human Rights and Justice at UMT, Lahore) presented her paper titled "CEDAW" and the Rights of Women in Pakistan, "Hopes and Realities" in the Panel "Women and Children: Their Right to Political Participation and to be free from Violence and Exploitation". The paper was well received and followed by a stimulating Q&A session.

Mr Umar Rashid (Assistant Professor/Chairperson SKD at UMT, Lahore) presented his paper titled "Analyzing the impact of International Investment Law and Human Rights Law on the Doctrine of Sovereignty". The paper was well received and followed by a stimulating Q&A session.

Paper Presented by Amna Rashid: “Pakistan, Women Rights and the Clergy – A Case Study of the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act 2016” at the 13th Annual Fulbright and Humphrey Conference 2016, Pakistan.

 Paper Presented by Umar Rashid: “Enforcement of Contracts and the Pakistani Courts: The Need for Greater Reliance on Liquidated Damages” at 13th Annual Fulbright & Humphrey Alumni Conference 4-6 December 2016.

Paper Presented by Umar Rashid: “Problems with the Legal Education in Pakistan: are Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules 2015 Enough?” at a conference on “Redefining Legal Education in Pakistan” organized by Courting the Law and School of Law at Avari Hotel on 5th March 2016.

Paper Presented by Umar Rashid: “Towards a Theoretical Framework for Understanding Property Regime Transitions: Case Study from Indian Subcontinent and Pakistan” at the Fourth Annual Conference of The Younger Comparativists Committee (YCC) of the American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL), April 16-17 (Florida State University College of Law, Tallahassee, Florida USA), 2015.

Paper Presented by Umar Rashid: “Understanding Islamic Militancy and Terrorism in Pakistan” at 9th Annual Fulbright & Humphrey Conference, November 9-11, 2012.

Column by Umar Rashid:

“Problems with Legal Education in Pakistan: Are Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules 2015 Enough?” Courting the Law, March 16, 2016.

SEMINAR by Amna Rashid:

“National and International Commitments to Human Rights – A Case Study of Pakistan”, HumanRights Education and Sensitization, Government of Pakistan. Ministry of Human Rights, UMT.

Other Research by Amna Rashid:

“Advocacy Strategy to Eliminate Sexual Abuse of Street Children in Pakistan”, analysing and assessing commercial sexual exploitation of street children in Pakistan.

“Unheard Voices and Unseen Faces – Pakistan’s Failure to Protect the Rights of Disabled Persons”, analysed the the difficulties faced by person with disabilities in accessing the public space, despite any efforts made by federal and provincial government; and highlighted the acute failure of the state of Pakistan to protect the rights of disabled persons.

 “European Union’s External Human Rights Policy: An Intervention in Domestic Policy Making?”which analysed the role EU’s external human rights policy is playing a role in changing the traditional meaning of state sovereignty, using EU’s call to put a moratorium on Death Penalty in Pakistan, as a case study.

“UN Rule of Law Agenda and Pakistan” which analysed what role UN can or should play in enforcing rule of law in Pakistan, briefly analysing UN program Strengthening Rule of Law in the Malakand Division in KPK, Pakistan.

“Regulation of Insurance and Reinsurance Sector – the Solvency II Regime in the EU”, analysed what problems Global Regulators (EU) face while regulating global financial institutions.

“Mission of Troika in Greece”, explored the problems faced by Global Regulators – the IMF, the ECB and the EC; ‘troika’ – in providing financial assistance to Greece, briefly discussing the impact of new labour reforms introduced by Greece as part of its Economic Adjustment Programme on the labour sector.

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